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The Business Credit Network ,what it is and how can it help you start and grow your business.TBCN is the brain child of Jim Roberts.It was created out of the need for people to be educated about starting  their own business.Most people when they think about the idea quickly dismiss it as just a dream.

The other problem 85 percent of the business fail in their first 5 yrs of business due to various reasons ,one being poor management skills and the other being not having the money to sustain their business growth.

Another reason business fail is not knowing the diferent way a new business can aquire funding ,and the diferent types of money available to grow their company.Today their are many types of funding sources ,due to the internet and the new types of business models to choose from.It all boils down to education.

So TBCN is designed to solve most of the problems for you,from what type of business scructure should you set up for your company be it a Corporation , a S-Corp , LLC. or Sole Proprietor ,DBA or the various other business structures you can choose from, The key is Coming up with a business plan or stratergy that works specificlly for your company.

One of the smartest things a person can do today is start their own business and we’re here to help you do just that by Creating a Network of Business Partners and exchange services between ourselves.



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