Learn How To Quickly Build Business Credit Without Personal Guarantees

Here are the major benefits of building business credit:

As a business owner, you know how important available credit is to growing your business and providing needed cash flow.

If you have been using your personal credit profile and credit cards for your business, the good news is, you can now get money for your business by establishing and building excellent business and corporate credit up to $200,000 and more in a short period of time  without hiring an expensive consulting service.

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Benefits of Establishing and Building Excellent Business Credit

Business owners understand that the biggest advantage of having business credit is saving money. With no personal guarantees and regardless of what your personal credit looks like, your good business credit score will lower your interest rate on all types of borrowing for business services including:

  1. Business credit cards
  2. Lines of credit
  3. Real estate
  4. Vehicles
  5. Office equipment
  6. Business loans and leases
  7. Many more types of business financing

But the benefits don’t stop there. Consider these other benefits of business credit:

  •   Separate your business credit from your personal credit.
  •   Stop providing personal guarantees on business credit.
  •   Create a new clean business credit profile.
  •   Have a higher personal credit score by keeping business credit out of your personal name.
  •   Convenience of doing business on credit instead of cash.
  •   Establish credibility with vendors.
  •   Have peace of mind, knowing business creditors can not attach your personal assets.
  •   Increase cash flow by using credit instead of working capital.
  •   Create a credit profile with the largest business credit bureaus in the world.
  •   Get credit in the business name without ruining your personal credit and without personal credit checks.
  •   Save thousands of dollars in interest payments by getting the best interest rates.

How Do you Go About Establishing Business Credit in the Shortest Amount of Time?

Business owners are faced with two primary options when it comes to establishing and building business credit:

[1] Hire an expensive consulting service. If you’ve surfed the web checking out pricing, you’ve likely seen prices ranging from $1,000 to $1,500 or monthly membership fees of $200 to $300 a month to mentor you.

[2] Do it yourself, using what I call a Virtual Expert, for a fraction of the price.

If you are a business owner seeking $200,000 in business credit in 45 to 90 days, I recommend using a Virtual Expert to walk you through a comprehensive step-by-step system.

I’ve done the research for you and have found an excellent business credit building guide.

You will learn:

  •  How to separate your personal credit from your business credit.
  •   How to use real business credit to get loans that don’t require a personal guarantee.
  •   How to manage and, if necessary, correct your business credit profile.
  •   What products and services to avoid like the plague, and even more importantly, which products and services you should buy.

You’ll get a step by step credit building program that helps you do it right from the ground up. And it shows you what you can do yourself, how to do it, and who to contact for doing things you can’t or don’t want to do yourself.

You’ll learn how to avoid the fakes and frauds that claim to be corporate credit building companies and use blatantly illegal methods as well as the over-priced services that want to charge you tens of thousands of dollars with no guarantees.

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Here’s what some have to say about what you’ll learn:

“If you are in business then you MUST learn how to separate your business credit from your Personal credit. This book teaches the foundation and advanced techniques that 99% of business owners don’t know- FIRED UP!”
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“Unfortunately, I went through another business credit building company that charged over $1000 upfront with no guarantee. The only thing I ended up with is a business credit file and some vendor credit…no cash credit! Once I started working with your program I was able to obtain over $100,000 in CASH credit. Thanks guys!”
Andrew Jensen

Seven months into the program and $322,000 in CASH credit! Thanks, guys!
-O. Harris, Beauty supply owner

“He has cracked the code on this vital area of your business. He makes available a much needed resource that you can use to fund your business, finance your investments and achieve your business goals and dreams. I highly recommend that you make him a member of your wealth team.
-Drew Miles, The Wealth Building Attorney

“If you want to get corporate credit so you can grow your business, fund a project or just need more funds then this book is the one thing you need to read right now.”
-Matt Bacak, Frontier Marketing Intl, LLC.

“In the jungle of business credit offers, changing requirements, and piles of paperwork, it makes sense to have an expert working for you. Follow these concepts and you will get the credit you need.”
-Warren Whitlock, BestSellerAuthors.com

“This book is packed full of financing resources and strategies that will teach you step by step how to get unlimited financing for your business. Read this book, apply what you learn and watch your business explode!”
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1. Large Credit Capacity – Businesses have 10 to 100 times greater credit capacity compared to personal credit. As a creditworthy business your company will be in a position to qualify for financing based on factors strictly related to the business. Without building business credit you will have to continue to rely on your personal credit.

2. Increase Company Value – A creditworthy business has a powerful advantage in financing ability. Because this asset is fully transferable with the business it makes it very attractive for a potential buyer or investor.

3. Protect Personal Credit – A business owner will be able to limit if not eliminate the use of personal credit checks since the company has its own credit ratings. This prevents a business owner from having to co-mingle personal credit, personal debts, and personal assets with his company.

Building business credit truly provides remarkable benefits for a business and gives unique financial advantages in the market place. With this asset a business can secure lines of credit, lease equipment, finance a company vehicle, and obtain business loans and credit cards without putting personal credit at risk.

Finally, it’s important to remember, the greater the business credit, the greater the worth and potential return you will receive if you choose to sell the business in the future.


   Although money is often tight during the early stages, the goal of a small business owner should be to not only increase sales revenues but to build the company’s creditworthiness.